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Our founders have always valued hardwork and grit, and used these tools to help them and their companies win. Unfortunately, MSP coaches weren’t a thing back in the mid 90s. Our founders had to learn the proven systems to grow a successful MSP.

Both founders went to college because that’s just what successful people are supposed to do, right? After attending college, and earning bachelor degrees and multiple master degrees, they realized that higher education had little benefit. Formal education had very little practical application when it came to business ownership and especially running a MSP. After leaving universities, they turned their focus to what it would take to grow a successful Managed Services Provider.

Josh and Jerome applied every best business practice that they learned; however, not all “best business practices” apply to MSPs. Here’s a free tip too, “Not all ‘best MSP practices’ are good business ideas”. That left the school of hard knocks to be the only learning ground left to benefit their growing business. After two decades of studying what works and, more importantly, what does not work for MSPs by applying that experience in their own MSP, they developed a roadmap for winning in the MSP space.

After developing the largest MSP in their market, and boosting that MSP to an unheard of 39% net profit margin (after they paid their own salaraies); they decided to take a hard look at their lives. What they realized is that they really didn’t want to be owners of MSPs, but instead they wanted to help others. They really had a passion for helping MSP owners, that like them, struggled to gain time freedom, financial freedom, and not want to destroy their cell phones on a daily basis.

This is why DaVinci MSP Coaching exists, we know that there is a better way for other MSP owners to make “$500K+” per year and work less. Work smarter, not harder! However, there really isn’t a limit to what you can make, but $500K just sounded good!

Jerome is married to Amy that he met in college. They have been married since 2009 and live in Tulsa, OK. They have two beautiful little girls and he enjoys spending time with his family. The girls are a great source of energy and life for Jerome. They are member of the TheChurch.at  in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and are very active in the organization.  They get joy for pouring into people and helping others win in life.  

Josh and his wife Sarah have manufactured 3 lively boys, and have been married since 2007. Josh started his first door to door cookie business, that was heavily subsidized by his mother in the raw materials department, when he was in grade school. He convinced his sister to do the customer relations, (ringing the doorbell and doing the talking), and has since built and grown a number of profitable business ventures. Josh and Jerome started their first Managed Services Business in 2007, and grew that business to become the largest and most profitable MSP in their local market.

In 2007, Josh and Jerome started a number of companies that eventually allowed them time and financial freedom. It also allowed them to experiment and find what a successful MSP needed to grow. In 2017, Josh and Jerome decided to exit the day to day running of their companies, and focus primarily on MSP Business coaching. They enjoy seeing MSP business owner collect wins through their business, and seeing people become successful by applying winning proven practices and systems to work in their lives and businesses.

Contact us to schedule a 10 minute conversation with one of our founders to see how you too can find time and financial freedom.

When we started in the MSP industry in 1995 MSP, coaching wasn’t available. Even to this day quality MSP coaching is very difficult to find. We were forced to learn the ways and methods of successful business people throughout the world and apply them to our specific industry. This was done a little through formal education, but the truly useful MSP Coaching methods that we use came through the very prestigious school of hard knocks.

Jerome Garrett and Josh Fellman have taken very proven business skills learned from a host of sources and put them together within the unique industry of MSPs. With this rare combination of proven business practices, along with decades of experience in the MSP market, they have become the go to team for MSP coaching in the country.

The founders created from scratch a MSP in a small market. This was done by hard work and diligence, but for the first many years it was simply a function of plodding along. When they got started, they had no marketing budget, and if they did, they wouldn’t have known how to wield it. They had no sales team and they had no processes and procedures on how to Get Clients, Close clients, Service Clients, and Keep clients.

It was only after they learned the proven strategies for Getting clients, Closing clients, Serving Clients, and Keeping clients, that they began to thrive. Some of the strategies can be borrowed from other service industries, but some of them had to be formulated from scratch. For instance, most service industries utilize the methodology that “The client is always right”. Unfortunately, in the MSP market, the client is normally wrong.

As an MSP owner, how many times have you heard a client or potential client say “We want to be secure” yet demand that all employees have administrative rights on their computers and while they are at it they share all of the same usernames and passwords, they use USB printers and share it from computer to computer, want backups to be on a physical disc that nobody ever checks and nobody takes off site…. The client isn’t always right. The client isn’t even right most of the time. So how do you engage a client in the right way to manage their environment without creating bad feelings? This is where our decades of experiences come into play.

As MSP coaches, we help you navigate the quick sand traps that a lot of MSP owners run right into. Happy clients mean happy MSP owners; however, you don’t want their happiness to be at the expense of MSP owners and their staff.

Once the founders applied the proven processes and strategies to their own business, they quickly became the largest and most sought after MSP in their market. They realized that they were less interested in owning and operating an MSP, and decided to do what they really enjoyed. Helping other MSPs become highly successful and more profitable than ever before. These are not pie in the sky claims, our founders made an unheard of 39% NET profit margin. That was their take home income. That’s twice the NET revenue of what is considered a “highly profitable” MSP throughout the county. This was no accident. They took their hard work and diligence, added best practices, a lifetime of MSP experience, education, customer service, and graymatter, and created the proven systems for MSP owners to have financial and time freedom.

Contact us to schedule a 10 minute conversation with one of our founders to see how you too can find time and financial freedom.